Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tagvillage Review


Welcome to Tagvillage Review

If you have just arrived; welcome to our tagvillage global family.I have been a member of  tagvillage.com  from the first day of operation, from beta testing and prelaunch to launch.  

Many of the founding members had met David Ruebush CEO either online or are friends from everyday life.  David had been very helpful to me online and his advice had turned an investment to six times its original  worth in only 6 weeks.  Whatever David was involved in from then on was where I would follow. Tagvillage.com was quietly taking shape and in December 2010 I received an email  inviting me to review this incredible new opportunity. 

What grabbed your attention about Tagvillage?  For me it was that 10% of gross weekly profits go to charity every week - what other company does that?  Then I read that Tagvillage was to be fully integrated with other social sites including facebook, Myspace, LinkedIn and twitter. Add a search engine and Tagvillage will become one tab with all your favorite sites. What a convenient time saver! Hundred of millions of social site users are potential tagvillager's with 23 languages and different alphabets supported - tagvillage in your own native tongue. Are you seeing the potential?

It got better - we could purchase some search engine keywords/tags. The tags we 'own' attract advertising revenue and the members personally earn an income. Imagine owning 'Insurance' or 'basketball shoes' or 'laser hair removal chicago'. I read more and saw we earn points just by posting and uploading pictures in the social site. We could refer and earn from our referrals activity. And all of this activity benefits charity.

Recently Tagvillage has developed something really amazing - Top Secret Project is about to be released!
Buy a Sony, Apple, Amazon or Ikea product in our new Bazaar!  Get items as low as 0.10 tagvillage Credits.  This is set to explode member numbers as the Bazaar will be fair for anyone, wherever you live in the world.

Tagvillage is a global opportunity - you can make money whether you live in Australia, UK, France, Pakistan, USA, Malaysia - it makes no difference where you live - as long as you have internet access then you can make money online with Tagvillage. And best of all charity is the biggest winner.
For now the only way you can join Tagvillage is with an invitation link - tagvillage refid
Get yours here:  http://tinyurl.com/hush65 tagvillagerefid and pass it on!

Background information for you:
David Ruebush's Blog

To attract great people and cultivate a global corporate initiative to give a minimum of 10% of Gross Revenue to Charity.
Click to view

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Sunday, February 13, 2011

We came, We saw, We conquered!

Launch was delayed until Thursday for the beta testers.  The site works well and more features are being added daily as we trade.  Small bugs are being fixed and we are almost ready to open up the site for everyone to try!

I feel very happy with my first day results and traded my money to $1400 in inventory and cash.  When my tags sell I make 15% from each transaction so that gives me even more money to draw out or to increase my wordbase.  Other friends have turned $50 to $200,  and $100 to $400 - strategy plays a big part so keep on your toes and try to be a step ahead of everyone else - those who profit the most are the ones who quickly read what is happening with values and move on to the next strategy.

This early on my strategy will be to buy words from a million monthly global searches and over and hold on to them until around $3.  Then I will let the word go at the next sale and use that money to buy 30 more 10c tags.  That will keep the cash flowing and allow me to build my inventory.  Once the million search  words are exhausted I will pick up the 500k to million search words and hold them to $2-3.

Have you joined tagvillage?
The best time to join is now if you wish to make money trading advertising words in our search engine.  Now you can buy millions of words at 10c so I expect to turn my initial $200 deposit into $2000 this week.

You can still join for free and decide just to refer your link on to friends and family so that they can use social sites  and earn from posting -facebook will be on in the next few months so it is a good idea to refer now so you and your referrals are earning from the first day of integration - if your referrals wish to take part in trading they only need to fund $5 and you make commissions from all of their trades!

Spread the word to everyone that tagvillage supports charities with 10% of gross weekly profit helping charities we choose! 

Please read the rest of the blog to find out more - anybody can be successful in tagvillage.


Thursday, February 3, 2011

Are you READY!!!

Exciting news!

I am part of the hundred strong tag trading test team.  Yesterday testing was conducted which went very well and now we have a contest for all members to take part in - you don't need to be a funded member to help with a live test.  It's a great opportunity to find your feet and experience the fun of trading with 100 play credits.  Please read the tagvillage news below to find out more.

I know you will love trading so make sure you fund your account with some real money for the full launch next week.

 Let me know if you need any help with strategy - and don't worry it's not all about having lots of money in to start with - The real winners compete and win with good strategies.  Think and adapt to market changes - learn when to hold them and learn when to let them go. I can help you with tips and tricks to get ahead fast.

Helene Courtney 

Back on the Launch Pad

Wednesday, February 2, 2011 - 6:30 PM CST
OK. Here it is. The news you have all been waiting to hear! tagvillage.com is back on the launch pad. And this time, we think it is really gonna rock.
We conducted 2 rounds of intense testing today with a pre-selected group of Tag Traders. And all we could get out of the development teams was "AWESOME!", "PERFECT", "EXACTLY WHAT WE WANTED!" We think this means it was an awesome, perfect test and they got exactly what they wanted from it. The first round was amazing. We had a little fun with the members and tested out some behind the scenes data manipulation issues. This resulted in a really fun round of trading that produced some accounts with millions of Credits. What an exhillerating experience! The second round was more "official" and went exactly as planned.
So, without further ado, here is the plan from now to live, actual trading:
  • We will be making final improvements to the site and exterminating a few remaining bugs from now through Sunday
  • We will continue to conduct controlled testing with our limited test group
  • We will implement live Payment Processing by the end of our work day on Friday
  • We will open the Live Test up to ALL MEMBERS at 8:00 AM USA Central Time on Monday, February 7, 2011
  • We will launch the official start of Live Actual Trading at 10:00 AM USA Central Time on Wednesday, February 9, 2011
Remember, the Live Testing that will be conducted with ALL MEMBERS will start at 8:00 AM on Monday. This will include all members, even those who have not purchased any Credits yet. Every person who has registered with tagvillage by 7:59:59 AM on Monday will be included and will be "granted" 100 Pretend Credits to test with. This is a Live Test for 48 hours. It will not be for real. The Credits will be "fake" and you will not keep any Tags, Credits, or commissions from test trades.
CONTEST! There will be rewards for testing. We will award Credits to the top 3 members in each of these categories:
We will announce the winners and their awards at 9:00 AM USA Central Time on Wednessday, February 9, 2011 Every member will be able to purchase Credits by this Friday. This will be open until we start actual trading on Wednesday. When trading begins for real on Wednesday, we will halt payment processing for 24 hours to allow all existing members a limited, exclusive trading period. Then, payment processing will re-open and the Tag Trading Platform will be 100% open for business.
Tell everybody you know about this. This is it. We are officially starting Live Testing on Monday, and if there are no major issues, Live Trading on Wednesday. This is gonna be really fun!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

What is tagvillage?

Welcome to the Village!


  • Connect with friends, relatives, and business associates on this amazing new social platform that interacts with other major social media.
  • Earn money just by using the site. Get your share of the wealth as advertisers target keywords and phrases you own.
  • Share bountiful blessings with your favorite Charities and Causes by telling us where to distribute our weekly philanthropic donations.

1. Connect

tagvillage is multi-social

  • Here.
  • There.
  • Everywhere.
tagvillage is a social site that talks to other social sites. Post information on your tagvillage page and your friends will see it on the social sites you tell us to broadcast to. Upload a picture to your tagvillage photo album and it automatically updates photo albums on other sites.
If a friend posts information on their page at another social site, you can see it on your tagvillage page by integrating network feeds. If a business associate invites you to an event on another site, you won’t miss out by not being logged in to that site, you will see it here on your tagvillage page.
No longer will you be forced to keep multiple tabs open to keep up with what is going on at each of your social sites. They are all integrated with tagvillage. Post here, share there. Get an alert there, see it here. All your social information in one convenient spot!

tagvillage is multi-search

  • Social Search
  • Local Search
  • Global Search
tagvillage also includes a built-in search engine. But this isn’t just any old search engine. This is a multi-search engine. We like to call it “Search Democracy”. At first, it will seem like any organic search engine out there. As you use it more and more, you will see it is very different. It learns, it gets to know you, it helps you find what you are really looking for!
Social Search to find people, pages, and organizations related to your topic and connect with them. At the same time, Web Search to find websites and articles related to your topic. Then take control. With “Search Democracy” you can narrow down your search results to the ones that are most relevant to YOU! Not the ones relevant to some guy over there on the other side of the world.
Members can rate and review sites, businesses, and other search results. As they do so, they improve the rankings of listings in the search results for other people in their social network. Looking for a good auto mechanic in your city? Enter “auto mechanic” and the top ranked listings will be the ones recommended by people you actually know and are connected to in the social network.

2. Earn

tagvillage is multiple streams of income

  • Weekly Profit Shares
  • Tag Sales
  • Referral Commissions
  • Tagvertiser Commissions
When you join and use tagvillage, you make money. You join for FREE. You use the site. We pay you. Period.
Better yet, you can expand your earnings by adding revenue streams. You can buy and sell Tags, refer others to the site, and earn Tagvertising commissions.
How does this work? Glad you asked…

Weekly Profit Shares
  • Points for posting
  • Points for chatting
  • Points for uploading photos
  • Money for your points
All week long you are earning points. Everytime you chat, everytime you post, everytime you upload a photo. Everything you do earns you points. Then, every Monday, tagvillage pays you Credits for your points! You earn money just for using the site. Even as a FREE member! Now that is awesome. But wait! There is more…

tagvillage is multiple streams of income
Tag Trading
  • Tags are keywords and keyphrases
  • Buy Tags
  • Sell Tags
  • Keep the profits
The “real estate” of our site is the Tags (keywords and phrases) advertisers will target when they buy ads on the site. tagvillage lets you buy Tags and own them. When you sell them, you get to keep the profits!
Imagine owning the word “shoes” and getting part of the money everytime an advertiser runs an ad about shoes on the site! You can buy Tags for as little as $0.10 and sell them to people who feel they are worth more.

Referral Commissions
  • Tell your friends
  • They join up
  • You get paid
Tell your friends about tagvillage. When they join up, you get paid!
How much do you get?
10% of any money generated by your friends. So, if a friend sells a very expensive Tag, you will get a nice commission. If an advertiser targets a Tag your friend owns, you will get a nice commission too!

tagvillage is multiple streams of income
Tagvertising Commissions
  • Advertisers place ads
  • They target Tags
  • You get paid
tagvillage sells advertisements to businesses who target Tags. If you own the tag an advertiser is targeting, you get paid!
How much?
20% of the money generated by the ads. There will be Pay Per Click (CPC) and Pay Per Impression (CPM) ads on the site. You will make money everytime an advertiser targets a Tag in your inventory.

3. Share

tagvillage donates at least 10% every week
Supporting Causes
  • Tell us what Cause you support
  • We match your points to your Cause
  • We donate $$ to your Cause every week
tagvillage is a giving company. Our Board of Directors established this company as a “Tithing Business” from inception. 10% of every dollar we make is donated to great Causes every week. You tell us what Cause you support. We match the points you earn and donate proportionally to your Cause from our weekly tithing.

Are you excited yet?  tagvillage combines social sites with a search engine and with so many ways to profit why wouldn't you join?

tagvillage is network marketing - not MLM and there is no matrix or spillover or powerline - this is an honest and legitimate business that is lucrative for the ordinary people like us to profit from.

Don't worry if you have zero online business experience - we are here to help you!

contact me on facebook - I am Helene Courtney 

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